Recipe List

Bread and buns

Dumplings, pancakes, rolls, rice parcels and pastries

      Cakes and puddings

      Desserts and dessert soup (糖水)

      Starters, side dishes and small eat (小吃)

      Snacks and biscuits



          Soup, rice, rice soup and noodles

            Condiments, Sauces and Sambals

            Curing, pickling, fermenting and candying



              1. Ok maybe you can help me... about 7 or 8 years ago when I was doing door-to-door sales, I knocked on the sweetest little Filipino woman's door who was cooking these "pancakes" made with sunflowers (not seeds or oil but the actual flower) and they we're delicious. But I cannot for the life of me find a recipe for them. By any chance do you know what I am talking about and a recipe for them? Also I had a friend who's wife made these cucumbers in a vinegar with some sort of red spicy pepper that was sort of sweet but spicy at the same time. He told me they were a Filipino dish but I can't figure those out either. Any help would be awesome. Thank you!


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