Back to basics - crispy fried garlic 炸蒜米

Pearl barley, water chestnut and fu chook (beancurd stick) dessert soup 薏米馬蹄腐竹糖水

Lap cheong rice 臘腸飯

Sichuan style spicy lap cheong 川味麻辣香腸

Tea smoked cured belly (bacon) 茶熏五花肉

Braised daikon and carrot 素燒蘿蔔

Stir fried blistered green chilli 虎皮尖椒

Old granny's potato 老奶洋芋 - Yunnan style bubble and squeak

Tomato egg fried rice 西紅柿蛋炒飯/ 蕃茄蛋炒飯

Homemade chilli sauce with ginger