Corned beef stir fry

Mango salad

Coca-cola wings 可樂雞翼

Apam balik (Turnover pancake)

Steamed aubergine with a spicy tomato sauce

Vietnamese noodle salad with lemongrass pork

Spinach and glass noodles salad 粉絲菠菜塔

Cantonese (Hong Kong) style chilli oil 辣椒油

Spring onion pancakes 蔥油餅

Colourful sweetcorn stir fry 玉米雞丁

Muah chee 麻芝

Carrot and daikon soup 紅白蘿蔔羹

Macanese style Portuguese chicken (Po Kok Gai 葡國雞)

Chicken noodle salad 雞絲拌麵

Egg filled pancakes 雞蛋灌餅

Bang bang chicken 棒棒雞

Roast chicken

Hunan hot & sour noodle soup 酸辣湖南粉

Tainan coffin board (bread) 台南棺材板

Lo Mai Gai 糯米雞 (lotus leaf wrapped chicken rice)

Pandan Kaya (pandan coconut curd)

Kimchi chigae/jjigae (kimchi stew)