Pandan Kaya (pandan coconut curd)

Kaya is Malaysian/Singaporean/Bruneian coconut jam similar to lemon curd. Instead of lemon juice and butter, we use coconut milk. For a nicer flavour I love to add pandan leaf juice and palm sugar.

To make this I have always followed my mum's method of cooking the mixture using a double boiler or bain marie. Kaya cooked by this method is far superior and smoother. Many people for convenience and saving time (fuel), cook the curd directly over heat. This way the curd is usually coarse and lumpy, some people rescue this by blending the curd after cooking which I am not too keen.

The flavour of kaya is lovely. Nice spread on fresh bread, toast or even make cake and use it as bread bun filling.

Here is the recipe. It's very easy, just need a bit of patience and time. This recipe makes around 1kg of curd, about 2 x 1 lb jars

15 pandan leaf
1/4 cup water

Blend this to pulp then squeeze out as much juice as you can

6 large eggs
400 - 450ml tin coconut milk
250 - 300g palm sugar or jaggery (Thai light palm sugar is great for this)
pandan leaf juice as above

  1. Whisk the eggs then strain with a sieve. Chop the palm sugar. Then add remaining ingredients.
  2. Fill the double boiler with boiling water. Cook the mixture over water, quick whisk with a ballon whisk every 10 minutes for 2 - 2.5 hours till the mixture thicken.
  3. Bottle with sterilised jars. Will keep for several weeks in the fridge. Once opened use within a week.