Stir fried rice cake 炒年糕

Chinese chive and prawn scrambled egg 韭菜蝦仁炒蛋

Trotter and ginger in sweetened black vinegar 姜醋猪手

Steamed fish with black bean sauce and tomato

Taiwanese "flies' heads"台灣蒼蠅頭

Pork fillet with black pepper sauce 黑椒豬柳

Curry chicken rice bake 咖哩雞焗飯

Torn cabbage with red fermented beancurd 腐乳手撕包菜

Xian torn bread with lamb soup 羊肉泡饃

Cumin beef 孜然牛肉

Oriental inspired beef and vegetable stew

Sichuan liang fen 川味涼粉 (Starch jelly noodles)

Sichuan sugar and spice infused soy sauce 複製醬油