Chinese chive and prawn scrambled egg 韭菜蝦仁炒蛋

This recipe is so simple easy and tasty. Only takes 5 - 10 minutes! Great with rice, noodles or pile high on fresh bread.

1 x (200 - 250g) packet of raw or frozen (or fresh) peeled king prawns
about 150 - 180g of Chinese chive (if not available sub with spring onion/scallion)
4 - 5 eggs
a little light soy
1 tsp cornflour
few drops of sesame oil
some ground pepper
pinch of salt
some cooking oil
a little cooking wine.

  1. If using frozen prawn, defrost before use. If you forget and wanted to use it quickly just soak in cold water till defrosted. Drain and lightly squeeze to remove excess water. If you like the prawns to curl up like a ball, make a slit on the back of the prawn without cutting all the way. If you are lazy just leave them as they are. 
  2. Marinate the prawn with a dash of light soy, a little cornflour, few drops of sesame oil and pinch of pepper for few minutes.
  3. Cut the Chinese chive into 2 - 3 cm long. 
  4. Beat the eggs with pinch of salt and a little cooking wine. 
  5. Heat the work till very hot, add some oil heat till smoking. Tip in the prawns, stir fry at high heat till prawns change to pinkish creamy colour. (Note: If the wok and oil is not very hot, the prawn and juice from the prawn may stick to the wok)
  6. Add in the Chinese chives, give it a quick stir with the prawns. Push the chive and prawns to one side. 
  7. Add a touch more oil to the empty side of the wok. Pour in the beaten egg. Stir the egg gently to scrmble it till almost set. Stir in the chive and prawns. 
  8. That is it. Ready to eat. Easy peasy!


  1. gong xi fa cai and a happy chinese new year

  2. happy belated chinese new year! i love this dish- i have a large bag of tiger prawns in my freezer and i know now just what to do with them. this looks so, so delicious. x s

  3. by the way, which Chinese cooking wine do you prefer/reccommend?

  4. Hi Shayma, how are you? Happy to see you here.
    As for the Chinese wine Shaoshing or other standard Chinese cooking wine is fine if not sherry is ok too. You only need about 2 - 3 tsp.

  5. Really Nice!
    I like Chive a lot, But never try fired with shirmp,
    Thanks for sharing


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