Sichuan sugar and spice infused soy sauce 複製醬油

Fu zhì jiang you 複製醬油 loosely translated as replicated soy sauce. Another common name you may come across is red soy sauce 红酱油 for tian sui mian 甜水麵. This is an aromatic sugar and spice infused/reduced soy sauce for many Sichuanese dishes especially for snack xiaochi 小吃 and salad 凉菜 including noodles.

1 cup light soy 生抽
2 tbsp dark soy 老抽
1 piece rock sugar/ plain sugar (about 2 tbsp) 冰糖/ 白糖
4 tbsp brown sugar 红糖
1 decent size stalk of spring onion/scallion, used only the white part, sliced 蔥
2 - 3 slices ginger 薑
1 tbsp sichuan peppercorns 花椒
3 - 4 cloves 丁香
1 small piece cassia bark/cinnamon 桂皮
1 tsp fennel seeds 小茴香
1 Chinese cardomon/ Indian black cardomon 草果
3 - 4 star anise 八角
1 large or 2 small bay leaves (dried or fresh) 香葉

Put everything together in a saucepan, gently simmer for about 40 - 50 min till fragrant and slightly thickened.
Cool and strain. Store in clean bottle or jar. Can keep at room temperature or in the fridge. Lasts longer in the fridge for freshness.