Red bean and coconut sticky rice cake 椰汁紅豆年糕

This coconut flavoured sticky cake/pudding with cooked red beans is another Cantonese favourite for CNY. I made some the other day but I have to say I much preferred the old fashioned plain brownish rice cake. Here is a recipe if anyone is interested.

This recipe will make 2 puddings using 1/2 pint (about 250ml) pudding basins (metal or plastic) or other containers.

1/2 cup red beans (aduki beans) + water
150g glutinous flour
50g rice flour
180 - 200g light brown sugar
100ml coconut milk
50 - 75ml water (less water if you like a firmer texture)

  1. Soak beans overnight then boil with some water (enough to cover the beans and some more) till softened. When cooked the beans should be quite dry. Take about 1 cup of this cooked beans
  2. Mix other ingredients together then gently stir in the cooked beans. Pour into 2 greased pudding basins or containers.
  3. Steam for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

As you can see I have put some red beans on the bottom of the basin, I find it makes the bottom bit too soft and gluey, so if anyone trying this recipe don't do that, just mix all the beans into the mix.