Pandan chiffon

This cake is similar to my first post orange chiffon cake. The flavour is traditional pandanus and coconut. The cake is GREEN but not as bright green as some of the shop bought type which normally has some artificial colour. Some people use pandanus essence with added colour, I only use natural colour and flavour using the juice of pandanus leaves. Pandanus/ daun pandan is S E Asian vanilla, it is added to most sweet cakes and puddings.

So here is a picture of the cake and the recipe.

Follow this slide show for the similar method.

Tube tin size: 23cm

Meringue part:
6 large egg whites, about 220g
170g sugar

For the batter mix:
180g of plain flour
1 tsp of baking powder
6 egg yolks
8 - 9 pandanus leaves (available from most Chinese or Thai supermarkets)
about 220ml of coconut milk in a tin

1. Extract the juice from the pandanus leaves. Clean and cut the leaves into small pieces then put in a food processor or mini blender and add few tbsp of coconut milk. Blend till the leaves are pulverised. Take it out and squeeze between your hands to extract the juice, a bit at a time. Filter the juice with a small sieve. Top the juice with coconut milk up to 200ml in total.
2. Mix baking powder to the plain flour. In a mixing bowl add the green coconut milk and egg yolks, whisk briefly then sift in flour and mix till combined.
3. Using a spotlessly clean large mixing bowl and whisk the egg whites till frothy then add sugar a bit at a time till all combined, continue whisking till a very stiff meringue is formed.
4. Add some of the meringue to flour mix to slacken it, then add this to the meringue and lightly mixed till evenly combined.
5. Add the mix to the tube tin and bake for 1 hour at 170deg C.
6. After 1 hour take the cake out and invert it immediately to cool completely.
7. Take a long thin knife and scrape the cake out of the tin, start from the tube then the side of the cake, then lift the cake out and glide the knife along the bottom of the tin till the cake is loosen. Invert onto a plate. Ready to eat.

There are a few rules that must be followed to make this kind of cake.

1. Always use a tube tin, a shame not easily available UK but easy to find in US as angel cake tin. I have seen it on UK ebay. Must not use any which has a non stick coating. The is because the cake must hang on to the tin while it is inverted.
2. Never grease the tin
3. Never open the oven door while the cake is baking
4. You must invert the cake immdiately once out of the oven or it will collapse into a pancake.


  1. Oh I just must try making this one... So far I have only bought them in asian supermarkets. There's nothing quite like home baking :)
    Also do you happen to know how I can make Hong Kong style tea coffee??? I HAVE been craving this and in Sri Lanka its nowhere to be found!

  2. Hi

    I just check my old post comment about chiffon cake,saw your comment ,so sorry didn't paid you a visit early..Your chiffon cake look great!! I notice you didn't use cream of tartar...what is the different with and without cream of tartar so far?.Maybe I should bake again chiffon cake soon..

  3. Hi Beachlover,
    Cream of tartar is acidic so it can help to boost whipping of egg whites, I never find it necessary as long as you can beat the egg white very stiff with a machine.

  4. Hi himara,

    Sorry for the late reply. As far as I know HK style tea or tea coffee (Ying Yong) is not that difficult but you do need to find the right tea blend. I think a lot of the coffee shops make their own tea mix. If you can find Lipton loose tea, the flavour is not too bad.

    You need quite a lot of tea, gently boil then filter. If you like Ying Yong add ground coffee or coffee granules. Then boil the milk add the tea or tea coffee then pour the milky tea/tea coffee from a arm length height forward and backward into two large containers about 8 -10 time till the tea is a bit frothy. We called this pulled tea.

  5. You post great recipes! As a Chinese person living in the US, it's so hard to find truly authentic Asian recipes. Thanks for making delicious food so accessible for people like me! Can't wait to see more recipes! Where do you find them?? if you don't mind me asking. Thanks!

  6. Thank you Michelle. My mum was a good cook, I learnt most of my basics from her. As for recipes I got lots and lots. If you are looking for any Chinese recipe let me know I may have it. A bit busy right now will post more after a couple of weeks.

  7. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog when searching for cassave cake recipes and I'm glad I did, so many recipes to browse! :)

    I bought a Wilton (US brand) non-stick angel cake pan to make chiffon cake but now that I read your tips, I'm doubtful. I guess I have to try it out but I hate to waste the ingredients if the cake doesn't turn out. There are also other US brands selling non-stick angel cake pans. Why do they even make them?!

  8. I know Wilton. I have seen them in Sur La Table

    You may know traditional angel cakes and chiffon cakes, the most important rule to remember is to hang the cake upside down so the super airy cake will not collapse caused by hot moisture before it cools. To do this the cake pan has to be without any non stick coating or greased, so the cake can stick to the pan. If not part or the whole cake can fall out of the tin, you will end up with a pile of flatten cake.

    Why do manufacturer make non stick tube tin? That is a very good question. I have no idea unless someone has a good recipe that does not cause Angel cake or chiffon to collapse without inverting the tin.

    Non stick coated tube tin is ok for normal ring cake or ring bread.

    For angel and chffon you need this

    This 10” cake tin is larger than my Malaysia made 23cm tin, you may need 6 or 7 eggs mixture.


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