Breaded Prawn

Prawn toasts are so tasty but really bad for the waistline. I don’t make them as often as I like. Don’t use fancy bread, cheap white bread is fine. You can either use medium or thick slices.

The prawn paste I use has very little egg white and some spring onion for flavour.

200g of raw prawn, minced

50 g of pork fat meat, chopped very fine (optional if you don’t like it. Pork fat keeps the prawn paste moist)

2 stalks of spring onion, finely chopped

1 tsp of light soy

Small pinch of salt

Pinch of ground pepper

1 heap tbsp of cornflour

1 tbsp of egg white

1 tsp of sesame oil

Mix everything together and leave in the fridge for couple of hours before using.

I made 3 different breaded prawn.

1. Normal prawn toast with a twist. I add one whole medium prawn on top of the mince (the prawn is peeled but leaving the tail and make a slit on the back so it will lie flat on the mince). Cut the crust off the bread. Spread a thick layer of prawn paste about 0.5 - 0.6 cm thick (I like lots of prawn not just a mean smidgin like in some Chinese buffets). Cut the bread into triangles. Then put the whole prawn on top and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Deep fried till golden brown.

2. Second are prawn balls using the same paste, coated with diced bread. Deep fried.

3. Third is a prawn roll. Take a piece of bread, cut the crust off. Then roll with a rolling pin till flat. Pile on some prawn paste, spread it out but leave a bit of space at the end brush with beaten egg, then lay a few coriander leaves on the paste and a piece of lap cheong (Chinese sausage) cut into half. Trim off the edge to fit the size of the bread. Roll it up like a sushi. Press firm to seal. Deep fried for about 4 minutes. With a sharp knife trim off both ends and cut the log into 3 – 4 pieces.