Blog now open to view

Apology to all readers. I have problem with the computer and my hmtl. My computer is still on repair. I have to use the library service.

I have managed to open the blog to view again. Thank you for your support.


  1. glad you are back, will miss your postings and i even have your fans asking me to get you to allow them to be invited to view your blog.

  2. Brilliant! I was so worried that I can't view your website in the future. Love all your recipes <3

  3. Hi Sunflower,
    Thank you for opening your blog, could not view the last 2 days, so sad, TQ.

  4. I am glad you are back, I thought I will never able visit your blog again until I am invited...

  5. So glad can view your blog again. I thought some hacker did something to it.


  6. I was assuming I could find some great chinese recipe using lamb. I will look forward to the posts.


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