The basic - How to peel and core a pineapple S E Asian way

I love fresh pineapple and get them quite often when it is on offer. Fresh pineapple I get from the supermarket is not usually ripe enough to eat right away. I normally keep it for few days till the skin has turned yellowish or orangey brown. Do keep an eye on the stem, if you see any mould make sure you wipe it off with a damp cloth or wipe with some breach just on the cut end. If the mould gets into the inner stem it will ruin the whole pineapple.

I know there are many people who hate dealing with the peeling and coring. The common way to peel pineapple by many people over here in the west is to trim off about 1/2" thick of the skin to remove not just the skin but also the eyes. I find this very wasteful. I was taught to peel pineapple the more efficient way since I was a kid. The way I do it is to peel the skin quite thin and trim off the eye in a spiral cut. This is how most S E Asians including Indians would do it. If you like to know how here it is.

First decide which part of the pineapple you will be using as a handle, with pineapple supplied with a long stem I would use the stem and cut off the crown before peeling. With UK and US pineapple without the stem, use the crown as handle, as shown on the slideshow.

Then start peeling the pineapple skin off just thick enough to remove the skin but not the eyes. Then cut the eyes off in a spiral way, as shown in the slideshow below. By doing this you can save a lot of the flesh. Also I lay newspaper to collect all the skins and trimmings, so when I am done just wrap up the rubbish and into the bin (trash can), no mess and less cleaning to do.

I think peeling it this way not only save you more fruit for the money but also it looks nicer.


  1. Cool! I usually just cut all the eyes off, too. BTW depending on where you live, you can plant the top of the pineapple to get a plant that will produce new ones!

  2. Thanks for showing how to cut a pineapple, step by step. Very helpful to me, as I always have a problem with cutting the eyes out.

  3. Very helpful indeed! I love pineapple but I'm not good at peeling it, so this is great.

  4. This is very helpful! My mum cuts pineapple this way too x

  5. In Mexico they save the peels, eyes ectera and
    mix them with brown sugar and water and allow to
    ferment in a large glass jar for a week. It is
    sooooooooooooo good. They call it Tepache.
    Paul Balbin


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