Red bean Ice lollies

I made a batch of red bean paste yesterday. I cooked extra beans to make some lollies and red bean sweet drink.

Red bean lolly is popular in the far east but never seen any in the west. I wonder why, it's tasty and full of goodness than artificial colouring and flavouring in most lollies these days.

So how do you make it? Very very easy. Boil some aduki beans till really soft. Water to beans volume ratio about 4 :1. If you like a nice flavour you can add few pieces of pandanus leaves to boil with the beans removed later. When this is done, add in some coconut milk/cream or double cream and sugar to taste. Get your lolly maker fill it up and freeze. That's all!

Here are some I'd made earlier. The plastic handles are a bit naff I know I don't have any wooden sticks. I am actually eating a lolly while typing this, yum!

On top of the lolly last night dessert was red bean sweet dessert with black pearls (oriental large tapioca for bubble tea) top with crushed ice and coconut milk. Picture on the left is the packet of the dried black pearls.


  1. HI, MAY I ASK WHERE YOU THE dried black pearls (BUBBLE TEA)

  2. If you live in UK you may find this from most Chinese or Thai supermarket or online stores

  3. sad, im not live in UK. im stay at m'sia


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