BBC MB Recipes

These are recipes I posted on BBC food messageboard. See this thread for the summary and some comments by other posters.

Peking pork (king do pork)

braised pork with red bean curd and potato

Szechuan garlic pork

Chinese belly pork roast (Siu yuk)

Vietnamese belly pork

Braise belly pork – Dong Po Pork

Braised (red roast) belly slices

Red braised pork hock

Char Siu or Siu yuk sauce (roast pork sauce)

Chinese roast pork – char siu

Peking style spare ribs (with boiling)

Peking style spare ribs (no boiling)

Salt and pepper ribs + S&P spice mix

Salt and pepper chilli prawns

Kong Po Chicken

Bang Bang Chicken

Fish Fragrant Chicken

Spicy pork(chicken) and tofu

Extra spicy hot soup with minced beef

Stuffed bitter melon

Sweet & Sour chicken balls

Chicken and mushroom steamed rice (rice cooker method)

Steamed pork cake + steamed pork custard

Beef stew with mooli(daikon)

Sweet corn and chicken soup

Braise beef brisket soup noodles – ngau lam mein

1. wine and ginger chicken + 2. drunken prawns

1. soy braised chicken wings + 2. Thai style chicken wings

Lemon chicken

Wonton skin

Pot sticker dumplings – War tip

Sui Mai dumpling

Chicken steamed bun/ Soy bean sheet rolls

Baked char siu bau (bun)

Spring Onion pancake + beef siu mai dumpling

Turnip cake

Five spice mix

Sambal manis

Spicy vegetable pickle (Acar)

Pickled chillies

Sweet chilli sauce

Chicken Pho

banana cake

chocolate mayo cake

pork trotter with vinegar and ginger

thai red curry

Malaysian spicy crab

Beef Rendang

1. Spicy fried long beans + 2. stir fried Kangkong (water spinach)

Banana cake

Crispy Chilli beef

This waterfall cheesecake

No batter Sweet and sour chicken

Chicken noodle soup

Razor clams with black bean sauce

Steam boat suggestions

Vietnamese deep fried spring rolls

Sample of simple Chinese fried rice and nasi goreng

Teriyaki sauce

Vietnamese noodle salad

Bitter melon with beef stir fry

Stewed pork with yellow bean sauce, ginger and pork fat scratching

Braised fried fish with black bean sauce

Malaysian style vegetable curry

Another version of sweet chilli dipping sauce

Several recipes with fermented yellow beans - steamed fish, stewed fish and stir fries

Squid/ mussels with black beans

Malt loaf - adapted from Dan Lepard - recipe

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